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We provide quality domain names for businesses, individuals, organisations and start-ups, and help to align a branding strategy that will benefit your entire organisation. Don't leave your most important Digital Asset to mere chance. Having the wrong domain name can lead to information leaks when customers send emails to the wrong address.

We have recently been alerted to the fact that the company that had previously used this domain had not conducted themselves correctly. As unfortunate as this is, we can assure you that, the domain name, has a new owner with F-skatt and moms, and has no affiliation whatsoever with the previous owner. Read more here...

Your domain name adds value to your company

alternative - Perfect name for a company that wants to own the nich name for their branch.

alternative - A project in the making for today's medical care needs.

alternative - Who needs to get back in shape again after being on lockdown so long?

alternative - Time to let our hair down in the clubs now that restrictions are lifted.

alternative - The immediate crisis may be over but when we need to travel...

alternative - Svenska ordboken - dekorera (fordon) med dekal eller text.

alternative - Create a site where people can create petitions and improve their situations.

Some of the services we provide

Domain Names

Choose from our collection of domain names, from brandable to niche domains which can help you corner your market.

Domain Rental

We rent out domains names. You can rent for a certain promotional period, to test-drive or rent-to-buy the domain name.


We have 500+ facebook groups where you can advertise your services to thousands of potential customers.

Media Production

We can assist in the development of Ad-campaigns, logo production, photos, video production and much more.

Digital Strategy

We can help you with aquisition and strategy regarding important digital assets and fine tune your GDPR policy.

Design Services

We hae many designers who are available to make affordable websites, mock-ups, storyboards, wireframes and logos.
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